Path Projects

With very low levels of cycle infrastructure in the area, alongside many pedestrian paths that are in a poor state of repair, coupled also with some paths being disabled unfriendly, there are so many potential path projects to consider. We will work towards available plans for active travel infrastructure that are present in the public domain.

All paths that we are involved in should be accessible to all. With particular reference to cycle paths, all provided paths should meet DfT LTN 1/20 standard and, if dedicated cycle infrastructure is not possible (due to lack of available road width etc), mixed mode traffic (bicycles on the road with motor vehicles) should be enabled by restricting the speed limit to 20mph (see LTN 1/20 S.7.1.1).


We will attempt to prioritise, as much as possible, based on the potential impact of a change, as well as to reduce the inaccessibility of some paths. Given that the younger age groups are going to gain the most in terms of establishing a habit of using active travel and hopefully continuing that throughout their lifetimes, prioritising things like cycle to school is definitely a high priority for us, particularly given that primary schools have Bikeability training (Level 1 and 2) but nothing to follow it up with.


We list below some of the many potential path infrastructure projects that are under consideration to facilitate at some point, subject to detailed design availability and funding sources. Clearly some of these are of major scale (especially the Whitby-Staithes Greenway) and so would also require significant external funding from the likes of NYC or Sustrans.

Stakesby Vale path

Replace the path through the Stakesby Vale greenspace with a wider path suitable for walkers, disabled and cyclists.

Prospect Hill line

Develop the route of the Prospect Hill line connecting Whitby town centre with the Cinder Track, providing a path for walkers, disabled and cyclists.

Mayfield Road link

Provide a connecting path from the Cinder Track to the Mayfield Road area, utilising a derelict bridge, suitable for walkers, disabled and cyclists.

Whitby-Staithes Greenway

Develop the route of the Whitby-Loftus rail line to Staithes, following a Sustrans report for the NYMNP.

Larpool Lane link

Provide a safe walking and cycling path alongside Larpool Lane providing safe access to the Cinder Track from the Eskdale estates.

Calla Beck link

Provide a connecting path from Green Lane area across through Calla Beck to Eastside. Suitable for walkers, disabled and cyclists.

Caedmon College Connections

Provide a series of paths giving connection to Caedmon College sixth form site. These paths should be suitable for walkers, disabled and cyclists.

The Carrs

Provide a path (walking+cycling shared) connecting Ruswarp and Briggswath, and across to Sleights Railway Station
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