Infrastructure Plans

With very low levels of cycle infrastructure in the area, alongside many pedestrian paths that are in a poor state of repair, coupled also with some paths being disabled unfriendly, it is essential that this area has a “plan” for moving forward to remedy the obvious problems. Our ultimate aim is to work towards the infrastructure defined by a Local Cycling Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for the Whitby area, which is scheduled for provision by North Yorkshire Council (NYC) during the 2023-2024 financial year. Until this is available we will utilise whatever proposals come out of the community to meet people’s requirements. Additionally, the LCWIP document is only likely to define infrastructure needed local to Whitby, and so we will need to utilise other proposals, as well as work with other bodies such as the North Yorks Moors National Park for the infrastructure required further afield.

Local Cycling Walking Infrastructure Plan

In 2017-2018 the UK Government developed a framework for defining what infrastructure will be required for effective active travel. This utilises a document called a “Local Cycling Walking Infrastructure Plan” (LCWIP). This document is a prerequisite for active travel development, and so we urgently need it. The creation of an LCWIP for the Whitby area is included in the 2023-2024 NYC budget, and consultants WSP have been contracted to produce this document, covering stages 1 to 6 of the DfT’s LCWIP guidance.

Stakeholders : Whitby & Esk Valley Active Travel, Sustrans, North Yorks Moors National Park, Whitby Town Council and North Yorkshire Council.

Timescales : The first meeting with stakeholders took place in April 2024, with an eye to completion by August / September 2024. It will involve an amount of community involvement, expected around June 2024, which we will share when it is required.

Whitby Community Network Proposal

Prior to the Whitby area being promised an LCWIP, one of our trustees as part of Whitby Community Network developed an outline cycle network proposal. This is shown below.

Routes and parking facilities coloured turquoise are existing facilities. Routes coloured yellow are proposed ideas that would facilitate modal shift towards much more bicycle usage.

Clearly this has not been through a rigorous process of identifying needs and considering all options. That will be provided by the LCWIP work when it is provided. If you have any comments on these proposals please do let us know what you think.

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