Path : Trod Path (Ruswarp)

Activity : Walking

Difficulty : Moderate

Whitby and District has many paths known as Trod paths, many from the days when monks made pilgrimages to the various religious institutions around the area, but the general “trod” path is formed from Yorkshire stone paves. Probably the most well known is “Caedmon’s Trod” which takes a different route to Whitby Abbey. The route we are navigating here is a walking route from Whitby (Mayfield Road area) to Ruswarp, the next village up the Esk Valley, utilising a trod path (with some parts more maintained than others).

Accessibility : Only for able-bodied. Has many steps, steep gradients.

Path Description

The path starts on Mayfield Road, near the Prospect Hill junction, and has a sign for the “Cinder Track” and “Footpath to Ruswarp”. Follow the stone paved path to a gate, and turn right diagonally alongside a modern housing development. Cross over a road and you arrive at an enclosed pond. Follow the stone paves turning left, and following a track. After crossing another residential road (Anchorage Way) this then heads in to the countryside, with allotments on the left.

Follow the stone paved path downhill, with the gradient increasing. At the foot of the slope the path turns to the right and you pass a gate and continue downwards, arriving at a set of stone steps – Fitts Steps. Descend the steps and you are now on Ruswarp Fields. The stone paved path follows across the fields, and will take you all of the way to Ruswarp. This is a flood plain, and the ground off the path can get boggy, so please keep to the path wherever possible.

Please note that a track / road (Water Lane) follows alongside this path. Don’t be tempted to use that instead since (unless you have waterproof boots), as you approach Ruswarp, Water Lane has a stream of water running over it (hence the name).

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