All donations help us move forward

There are many ways you can help us achieve our goals, and one way is via donations. Here we try to set out some of the opportunities. Please note that we have no paid employees, and our trustees are all volunteers with no financial benefit obtained from this charity; every penny of any donations go to facilitating / promoting active travel in this area.

Direct Donation

One way that you can help is to make a donation, of an amount of your choosing, and that amount can then be used in helping with one of our projects.

... via Bank Transfer

We can take donations via bank transfer using BOPP.

BOPP communicates with your bank and sends a bank transfer to our account using the Open Banking standard (you can see the banks that their platform works with here). As a result their charges (0.5%, min 5p, max 50p) are much lower due to no card transaction costs. If your bank is not supported by BOPP and you would still like to make a donation via bank transfer, please contact us.

... via Debit / Credit Card

We can take donations via debit / credit card using Stripe.

There is a card transaction fee that is deducted from any donation by Stripe when taking a payment. This is currently 1.20% + 20p per transaction.

Thank you for anything you are able to donate. Every penny donated to our charity is used to further active travel in this area.

Online Purchases

Donate as you shop with one of our online affiliate partners.

When you buy anything online – from your weekly shop, to your annual holiday, to house insurance – you could also be raising donations for Whitby and Esk Valley Active Travel with no extra cost to you. It’s a free and easy way to raise money that will help provide vital funds to assist in improving access to active travel in this area.

Our affiliate partners are listed below. Please consider using them


Leaving a gift in your will

Leaving a gift in a will is something that relatively few people think of, but it helps to push forward the things that people care about. Any such donations received will be spent ensuring that every penny is targeted to any specific wishes that accompany it, to push forward active travel in this area.

The two main ways of leaving a gift are as follows

  • Pecuniary – this is a fixed amount of money.
  • Residuary – this is a share of your estate (everything you own in terms of property, money in the bank, investments, and so on). For example, you can leave a specific percentage of the value of your estate after any taxes or costs have been subtracted. 

When writing or updating your will, we would recommend using a solicitor or an experienced will writer. It doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can look around for different quotes to get a good deal. The most important bits of information to include are our name, address and registered charity number:

Whitby and Esk Valley Active Travel, Sea Level, East Row, Sandsend, Whitby YO21 3SU. Registered charity in England and Wales (1206506).

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