Path : Whitby-Staithes Greenway

Status : Proposal

In 2021 a study looked at the prospect of “extending” National Cycle Network route 1 from where the Cinder Track gets to, along the coast up to Staithes. This was undertaken by Sustrans for the North Yorks Moors National Park.

This project would be suitable for : Walking, Cycling, Wheeling, Scooting, Horse Riding.


Continuing from the CinderTrack, the route will go down Southend Gardens, up Chubb Hill (cycle lane), turn up Rievaulx Road (cycle lane), and then follow Bylands Road and make use of the wooded cut through to Stakesby Road. A path leads around to Beeching Mews (former West Cliff Railway Station), and on to the green space where the railway line used to run, leading to the start of Sandsend Road. A dedicated cycle path (likely using a small amount of golf course land) will run down Sandsend Road.

Upon arriving at Sandsend a new bridge will lead across East Row beck, and around a platform, leading to Witts End Car Park and ascend to the remnants of the rail line (currently Cleveland Way). This will then approximately follow the route of the rail line, and reinstate the Sandsend and Kettleness tunnels (subject to costing).

Land Ownership

Land required for this route has multiple owners, including

  • North Yorkshire Council (NYC) : highways sections within the Whitby urban area, as well as Sandsend Road / Golf Course, and possibly further sections towards Staithes.
  • Mulgrave Estate (ME) : the trackbed and tunnels of the old railway route from Sandsend.


Design information to go here

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