Path : Prospect Hill Line

Status : Proposal

The Cinder Track, as it currently stands, does not provide a way of reaching Whitby town centre without the need to cycle on roads. The most logical way of providing for this need is to develop the old Prospect Hill railway line route into an active travel route for people to reach the marina area. This was the subject of a study by Sustrans in 2017, funded by Gateway Whitby.

This project would be suitable for : Walking, Cycling, Wheeling, Scooting, Horse Riding.


The markers on the map (above) highlight particular points where we have an image (below) showing the view from that position.

Land Ownership

The Prospect Hill line land is owned by various organisations.

  • North Yorkshire Council (NYC) : own the section from the Cinder Track, down past the rear of Egremont House, and almost to the viaduct.
  • Network Rail (NR) : own the section immediately below the viaduct, as well as the land below Whitby New Bridge where the line would need to connect to the road network.
  • Caedmon College (CC) : although, in reality, part of NYC, they own the section from viaduct around towards the approach to Whitby New Bridge.

The subsequent image, from NR, shows the area owned by NR.


The path would be the order of 1500m in length, with a 3m width for the majority of its length.

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