Path : Calla Beck Link

Status : Proposal

Green Lane residential area has poor connectivity with other areas of Whitby, particularly for active travel. A path needs establishing to connect, as a minimum, the Green Lane area, to Helredale Road. This would provide connectivity to East Whitby primary school, as well as Whitby Business Park.


Land Ownership

Both Eastside Centre and Calla Beck are owned by North Yorkshire Council. The land off New Gardens is understood to be in private ownership. Similarly the land behind East Whitby Primary school is also understood to be under private ownership.


The link from Green Lane across Calla Beck to Eastside Centre would be the order of 900m in length. The extension from this path, around to Helredale Road near East Whitby Primary would be the order of 650m in length. A width of 3m for the majority of the trajectory would be required.

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