Path : Larpool Lane

Status : Proposal

The Larpool Lane road access point to the Cinder Track is officially the access point to get on to the National Cycle Network 165 route, travelling down “Danger Bank”! Sustrans have previously expressed a desire to find a better way to get to Ruswarp. This project does not attempt to address the Ruswarp side of that route but instead the section from the residential part of Larpool Lane to get to the Cinder Track.

This project would be suitable for : Walking, Cycling, Wheeling, Scooting.


The section of Larpool Lane to the Cinder Track road access is too narrow for safe cycling, and so we could run a path the other side of the hedge utilising Larpool Playing Fields

Land Ownership

The path would pass through 2 fields. Larpool Playing Field is a green space area owned by North Yorkshire Council. The second field is in private ownership, and so some arrangement would need to be made.


The path would be the order of 500m in length, and would be 3m width for the majority of the length.

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