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Status : Proposal

The village of Hawsker is effectively split in 3 parts, with a primary school on a road that can get busy. The desire to connect different parts of the village allowing traffic free passage of pedestrians, cyclists and disabled people would assist in connecting the community of the village.

There is a current proposal from the North York Moors National Park to possibly site Tramper mobility vehicles (for hire) at Summerfield Holidays, which ties in with this.


The route connects Hawsker Lane (alongside the primary school), using an existing right of way, and also a track (right of way to be negotiated), connecting back to the A171 next to the Cinder Track crossing point, providing easy access to that route also. There is a spur off across Sumerfield Holidays land to tie in with the potential Tramper siting.

Land Ownership

Add statement on land ownership, and rights of way


Detailed design goes here

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