Barriers To Access Survey 2024

Barriers To Access 2024

We are doing a survey, alongside Whitby, Scarborough and Ryedale DAG, to gather information about barriers to access for the many paths, trails and rights of way throughout the Whitby and District area. The types of barriers we are immediately thinking of are steps, steep slopes, gates, stiles, etc, things that prevent people using paths. We are particularly interested in barriers for people in wheelchairs, mobility scooters, non-standard cycles, or with prams/pushchairs/buggies.

All data gathered during this survey will be entered onto a map of the district. This has 2 purposes :

  • firstly so that we have a record of the likely problem areas so that when we can obtain suitable funding we can endeavour to fix some of the problems.
  • secondly as an information source for people considering a walk, and the likely barriers that they may come across.

Once the survey is complete we will provide this (baseline) map and, additionally, an online form whereby people can continue to report such barriers to access and they will be added. Similarly, when a barrier is fixed / removed then it will be removed from the map.

The survey will be open between April 8th and May 31st 2024.

Please share it with family and friends.

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